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Our Prices For Our Washers And Dryers

  • Maytag top load washer                                   $2.75
  • Ipso double load washer 18lb capacity           $3.00
  • Ipso double load+ washer 25lb capacity         $3.50
  • Ipso triple load+ washer 35lb                          $4.75
  • Ipso Quad load washer 40lb capacity              $5.25
  • Ipso five load washer 50lb                               $6.75
  • Ipso 7 1/2 load washer 75lb cpacity               $8.50
  • We take pride in our fast clean large  dryers
  • 30 lbs capacity dryers                        25 cents per 5 minutes
  • average drying time is 30-35 min

Do your laundry today or you may have nothing to wear tomorrow

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